Secure Document Storage

“We never get the impression from Storage Management Company they are simply handling boxes. They understand the importance of each interaction with us and are professional and discreet, helping us drive efficiencies and cost savings in this area.”

Mr M Alsop, Head of Client Finance, Support & Records Management, Warrington Borough Council

Here at Storage Management Company we understand the importance and value of your confidential documents to your company. They are one of your greatest assets and, at the same time, one of your largest overheads.

We appreciate the year on year costs to your business of cataloguing, storing and retrieving crucial documents. Even with the latest technological advances in electronic scanning, companies are still generating and storing an ever-increasing number of documents.

But professional help is at hand.

Specialist service

At Storage Management Company we are extremely proud to state that for the fourth year running, over 80% of our clients rated our service as Excellent (ISO Customer Satisfaction Survey) describing it as “...a national service with local knowledge”

With experience comes understanding and we are able to offer a variety of flexible and secure document storage solutions.

  • Instant access
  • 1, 2 or 4 hour return
  • Deep archive
  • 5, 10 or 20 year destroy cycle

Our automated ’end of life’ reminders will inform you when an entire storage archive, individual box or single document is scheduled for destruction. On receipt of secure confirmation from you, your documents will be destroyed in accordance with the Data Protection Act and a Certificate of Destruction promptly issued.

Safe and secure

Security during transportation is as important to us as it is to you. Your documents will be securely transported in our own fleet of GPS tracked and un-liveried vehicles by our own trained drivers. You can be 100% confident of the highest levels of security every step of the journey.


If your supply of storage boxes starts to run low, help is only a phone call away. We can supply you with all the boxes you need, at highly competitive prices. Even better, there's no delivery charge if our driver is visiting your offices. Just let us know as early in the day as possible for a guaranteed next day delivery.

For more information on our secure document management solutions, telephone or email Storage Management Company