Twenty years ago

Twenty years ago
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Twenty years ago, when average house prices in Britain reached a staggering £68,000 and the Channel Tunnel was officially opened, another major event took place – the birth of a data storage company!

Back in 1994, we had recognised a need for the secure storage of what was fast becoming an increasing issue – data – and how to manage it? The “Information Superhighway” as Vice President Al Gore termed it in a speech in January of that year, was expanding the digital world. Intel had announced its Pentium Pro microprocessor and Microsoft had just released Windows 95.

It was the age of the commercial Internet and the Personal Computer; businesses were embracing the advancements in technology and taking advantage of the cost savings and efficiencies that software could bring. Regular back-ups to safeguard valuable data were becoming a necessity and offices were expanding their manual files as businesses grew in the economic climate.

What was needed to satisfy this stockpile of information was a way of storing, managing and retrieving this data, away from the office environment, in a safe and secure manner. Companies needed to be sure that their data could be stored at an off-site location, to mitigate risk, but be readily accessible as and when required.

We opened our first storage site in Risley, near Warrington in July 1994, with just over 1000 square foot of space, winning our first ‘tape’ storage contract in August of that year.

By December we had increased our client base to 5 and had taken on our first employee. These early contracts included the secure storage and retrieval of floppy disks and tapes, with paper documents and files not far behind. At the turn of the millennium we started to offer a shredding service as paper files reached their ‘end of life’. Nowadays with the corporate world focused on recycling and responsibility, this is an area of the business which has seen a huge increase in demand.

In June 2007 we successfully gained the ISO9001 quality management accreditation. The following month saw a merger with Birmingham Data Storage and the acquisition of 50 clients and 8 employees, as well as the new title ‘Storage Management Company Ltd’ coming into fruition.

The site at Risley was now bursting at the seams, so in the middle of 2008 we moved into purpose built premises in Warrington, with its own integral media store.

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality and security we successfully gained ISO27001 accreditation in October last year, and were recognised as having ‘excellent procedures and records’.

Twenty years on and with 3 secure storage facilities and 2 regional offices, we are proud to still offer the same outstanding professional service, not only to our first and original client, but to all our 150 loyal clients.

Let’s hear it for the next twenty years!

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