Data destruction – we’re not just talking paper!

Whilst most businesses understand the importance of secure document and data storage and are taking their responsibilities very seriously, many organisations are far less vigilant when it comes to the destruction of their defunct data.

All data that has come to the end of its lifecycle, in whatever format it has been stored, whether on paper, hard disk, tape back-up or mobile devices, needs to be destroyed in a safe and secure manner.

Data destruction is of vital importance for any business and when the new EU General Data Protection Regulation comes into play in 2016, fines for acts of non-compliance could soar, with penalties of up to 5% of a company’s annual turnover being cited. Are these the types of penalties your business can afford to ignore?

The secure disposal and destruction of data is as important as its safe storage and businesses must ensure that they have a complete and compliant solution in place for managing the process.

Types of data media

In addition to the obvious physical paper documents and files, sensitive data can be stored on any electronic device including desktop and laptop computers, servers, printers as well as external hard drives, back up magnetic tapes, floppy disks, CDs and USB Flash Drives to name but a few.

In order to ensure that the deletion or destruction of any data stored on media is completely non-retrievable, the methods used must be totally foolproof to avoid the risk of any security breach. Using a service partner with ISO accreditation is no longer a luxury for any business – it’s a necessity.

Keeping your business safe

Don’t think that your business is not important enough or big enough to be the target of data theft; there are various ways that different types of data can be used and if it is not effectively managed and destroyed, information stored can easily get into the wrong hands.

Even something as simple as throwing business documents, containing personal information, into the office waste paper basket or local recycling centre, for example, is just not acceptable and will put your business at great risk.

Services available

The type of media your business wishes to dispose of will determine the appropriate destruction method used.

At Storage Management Company we are able to offer a full range of services including erasure, shredding, recycling and physical destruction and disposal, in accordance with all UK, EU and international laws.

So, next time you are about to throw that printed email in the bin or decide to replace your old photocopier, consider engaging a certified data disposal partner, to ensure all potential risk is mitigated.

If you need further advice or would like us to help you with your data disposal requirements, call us on 0845 108 2434.

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