Who pays the ferryman?

Almost within weeks of Geoff being awarded his long service award, we are delighted to present Ted Sharples with his 10 year award for unquestionable commitment to the cause.

Having worked with Ted before, Max knew immediately who to talk to when looking for a new Project Manager. Ted joined the SMC team in 2004 and was immediately thrown into the task of relocating the company to larger storage facilities. He still reminds us that moving over 250,000 storage boxes and 1,000,000 tapes wasn’t as easy as it looked!


Who ate all the pies?

At an informal presentation earlier this month, we were delighted to recognise Geoff Henshaw’s contribution to the success of Storage Management Company by presenting him with a well earned, 15 year service award.

When Geoff joined the company in 1998 Storage Management consisted of one warehouse and three vans; since then the company has expanded considerably and so has Geoff’s workload! He is now responsible for all of our North West storage facilities, Health and Safety along with the overseeing of all media movement in and out of our vault.


Data destruction - we're not just talking paper!

Whilst most businesses understand the importance of secure document and data storage and are taking their responsibilities very seriously, many organisations are far less vigilant when it comes to the destruction of their defunct data.

All data that has come to the end of its lifecycle, in whatever format it has been stored, whether on paper, hard disk, tape back-up or mobile devices, needs to be destroyed in a safe and secure manner.


Are your business continuity plans dependable?

Business continuity planning is critical to the continuous operation of all types of businesses and something that all organisations should have in place, for the safe recovery of key business functions.

Most companies are now aware of the specific risks and catastrophes which could cause anything from major building damage to local system failure and recognise the importance of customised planning – but exactly how many actually test the plans they have in place?


Keen to be green?

They’re here – our new free recycling boxes have arrived, in stock and ready to be delivered (fully assembled) straight to your office.

Each box is a fantastic 40kg capacity – that’s nearly 3 full boxes of A4 paper stylishly designed with a quick, easy to remove durable and recyclable inner liner, which is sealed prior to its removal from your premises.

Flexible collection options available, depending on volume.

If you are keen to be recognised as a "Green" organisation that takes its corporate responsibility seriously, then act now to join the increasing band of businesses who care about the environment and the safe destruction of their sensitive documents.

Don’t let your (or your clients') data fall into the wrong hands. You don't know where it may end up or more importantly, what use may be made of it.

Certificates of destruction are produced for each sack shredded and with great rates from £3 per sack (only 8p/kilo), you’ve no excuse for not ‘Going Green’.

Please let us know how many recycling boxes you would like by contacting us on 0845 108 2434 or by email at

What to look for in a document storage company

10 things to consider before choosing your storage management partner.

Deciding on a document storage company that is right for your business can be a tedious task and one that can leave you feeling confused and frustrated. Hopefully these 10 tips will provide you with the basis of a checklist that will help you make an informed decision.


And the winner is...

Our 20th Anniversary "Twitter" competition winner has now been drawn and we are delighted to announce that Jeremy Westhead from Alfred H Knight won the case of wine!

Congratulations to Jeremy, we hope you enjoy your prize and a big thank you to all our other followers who took part.

If you are keen to know the answers to the quiz questions, click here.

Another 'thumbs-up' from ISOQAR

A continuous commitment to quality and security underpins the ethos of our business.

In substantiation of this we secured, a few years ago, ISO9001 accreditation closely followed by the much coveted ISO27001 distinction last year. But it doesn’t stop there; maintaining high levels of information security quality standards, requires continual commitment from us and regular external assessment from certificating bodies such as ISOQAR.


Win a case of wine

We'd like you to join in our celebrations for our 20th Anniversary and invite you to enter our competition.

To win the case of wine, simply answer the questions by clicking on the ‘Read more’ link below to find the two word answer. Then, email us your answer before the end of September to enter the draw. For those of you who have been following our ‘1994’ tweets over the last couple of months, the answers will be easy. For the rest, follow us now on Twitter by clicking the link below.

Clue...The letters from each answer spells out two words that sum up what Storage Management is all about.

And...Remember to include full contact details and an address where you wish your prize to be sent to.


We're 20 years old!
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It was a time of great change technologically – PCs were the essential office necessity and the subsequent need to store and manage data was high on the agenda. Spotting the potential market for the safe storage of back-up data and documents, we opened our first storage site at Risley.

As the business grew we needed more space and in 2008 moved to our current purpose built site in Warrington.

Now with three secure storage facilities and two regional offices, it’s been an amazing 20 years with ‘change management’ constantly at the forefront of our development plans. Ensuring we continue to provide the same professional service to our clients is paramount and achieving ISO 27001 and 9001 is testament to our commitment to you.

To all our clients (and those who have yet to join us) – we thank you for your continued support and offer a resounding cheers!

Back in 1994...
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Twenty years ago, when average house prices in Britain reached a staggering £68,000 and the Channel Tunnel was officially opened, another major event took place – the birth of a data storage company!

Back in 1994, we had recognised a need for the secure storage of what was fast becoming an increasing issue – data – and how to manage it? The “Information Superhighway” as Vice President Al Gore termed it in a speech in January of that year, was expanding the digital world. Intel had announced its Pentium Pro microprocessor and Microsoft had just released Windows 95...


Still boxing clever...a year on
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For the second year running, Storage Management Company (SMC), a leading data storage and management business, with offices in the North West and the Midlands, are delighted to be working with their chosen charity, Making Space.

For every storage box SMC sell over a twelve month period a donation is made to Making Space. With locations around the UK, Making Space deliver high quality care, support and enablement services for people with a range of physical and/or mental health conditions.


Never give up on a good thing
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As our increasing need for mass storage of data continues, the revival of a 60 year-old technology, which only a few years ago was written off by all in the industry, is offering a solution to a modern problem.

Magnetic tape is one of the oldest computer storage mediums still in use. It was first used to record computer data on a UNIVAC computer in 1951. Despite predictions on the demise of tape storage, tape is very much alive and reinventing its strong identity as a storage medium that can provide many benefits, particularly for the long-term preservation and storage of data.


Face disaster - plan for the future
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With the recent UK floods, and more heavy rain predicted, the importance of disaster recovery for UK businesses has never been more critical. Latest weather events have shown that UK businesses are not immune to disaster, with many organisations insufficiently prepared and lacking a well-structured and comprehensive continuity plan.

A business continuity plan sets out controls to keep all aspects of a business functioning in the event of disaster striking. Disaster recovery forms a major part of a company’s continuity plan focusing on the processes necessary to resume trading after a disruptive event. Disaster recovery tends to focus primarily on IT and the systems that support business functions.


1001 uses of a Storage Management Box
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Haven’t we always said our boxes are versatile, resilient and durable, perfect for storing your valuable documents – not so sure we mentioned multifunctional though?

Just had a phone call from a client who needed to order some more boxes, having only recently placed an order. It turns out that this time they were not for storage purposes but for his daughter’s rabbits, Nibbler and Fidget. Apparently the archive boxes make great refuges for the fluffy pets for sleeping, or as a safe haven away from all the stresses and strains of modern life.

An added bonus is that they can also eat the walls if they choose – apparently cardboard is a delicacy in the rabbit kingdom!

I have to say the rabbits look very much at home in their shelters and I can’t help but wonder what other practical uses our storage boxes may have – hibernating tortoises maybe?

We've achieved ISO27001 Accreditation!
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In the autumn of 2012, Storage Management Company (SMC) took the important decision to apply for the coveted ISO 27001 - Information Security Management quality standard. Some fifteen months later, SMC are now proudly displaying the ISO 27001 logo alongside their existing ISO 9001 accreditation.

Max Grunblat, Director of SMC comments, “The decision to undertake ISO 27001 was not taken lightly by the Board. Having secured ISO 9001 accreditation some years ago, it was felt IS0 27001 was the next logical step in the company’s development.”

Working with local authorities and larger companies across the UK, SMC saw ISO 27001 accreditation as a way of clearly illustrating to both their existing and new clients, the company’s consistent and professional approach to internal procedures and data security.

The final word goes to the external and independent ISO auditors, ISOQAR, “Considering SMC’s size, they have the key elements of the ISO 27001 requirements very well understood, supported by excellent procedures and records.”

Christmas Card 2013
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Wishing everybody a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Taking care of the climate and our clients

In their new fleet of fuel-efficient vans, drivers at Storage Management (SMC) have travelled a total of almost 250,000 miles over the last twelve months; the equivalent of driving around the World 10 times!

Transferring physical and electronic data on a national scale, SMC continue to provide a secure and discreet service for all their clients and now in their low CO2-emission vehicles, whilst at the same time helping to protect the environment.

“Apart from the obvious cost-savings made in using vans that need less fuel, we are pleased to be helping to meet the European Commission’s strategy on greenhouse gas emission reduction targets,” Max Grunblat, Director of SMC states.

Further plans to become an even more environmentally friendly company involve investigating the use of alternative fuel sources for their vans such as biodiesel, “This is an area we would like to consider as we are keen for the Company to ‘go greener’ said Max.

When questioned on whether the company would consider the ISO 14001 quality standard for Environmental Management to complement the company’s ISO 9001 and soon to be awarded ISO 27001 accreditations, Max smiled and said “You’ll have to wait and see.”

Easter Card 2013
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Wishing all our clients and suppliers a Happy Easter.

It's fun to run...

Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, Max Grunblat, Director of leading data management company, Storage Management is embarking on a series of runs in aid of the company’s chosen charity - `Making Space`.

On Sunday 12 May, Max will join the elite runners group at the start of the Chester Half Marathon; the route taking him through some of the most challenging terrain in Cheshire.

Prior to that, Max is planning to run in two 10K events simply to “warm up”.

Max comments, “this will be my first half marathon and I must admit I am a little apprehensive. I’ve already completed three 10K races in the last year but this event will be tougher. Running with the elite group means the pressure will be on from the start, with the fastest runners completing the course in around 75 minutes. I will be happy though if I can achieve an all-time best of around two hours.”

Asked about his training regime, Max went onto say, “currently I’m running around 18 miles per week but this will increase to 30 miles closer to the event. I’ve adjusted my diet and have drastically reduced my input of coffee and red wine!”

Max smiled when asked about his motivation, “that’s easy, Making Space is an absolutely wonderful and worthy cause and we should support them as much as we can. In the past 12 months we have raised just over £1,000 through a series of social and commercial fund raising activities.”

So what comes next, the London and New York full marathons? - “Watch this space”, Max concludes.

A Just Giving page has been setup for anybody who wishes to support Max’s fundraising efforts for `Making Space` -

Christmas Card 2012
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Wishing everybody a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Boxing Clever

Storage Management Company (SMC) has now sold an incredible 1,000 archive storage boxes in a record amount of time; proving that delivering a quality product at a cost effective price must be of vital importance to customers.

Spending many hours with the designers before launching their new box clearly paid off for SMC. Customers not only love the integrated lid, reinforced base and ease of construction, they are thrilled by the fact that every box sold can help make a real difference to someone’s life: all thanks to the donations given on the purchase of each box to `Making Space’.

“Absolutely brilliant” is how one client described their recent delivery of SMC archive boxes. “We previously bought from our stationery supplier but this proved to be a costly mistake. The SMC boxes are so simple to put together, extremely durable, and we never lose the lids! Based on our ordering quantity they work out to be cheaper than our previous supplier.”

Helping `Making Space’ raise much needed funds is beneficial for everyone involved and the work they do is invaluable to individuals and communities up and down the country.

Next time you are ready to order your archive storage boxes call Janette or Max at SMC on 0845 108 2434, they will be delighted to help. Alternatively click here and simply complete the on-line form.

Making Space charity quiz night…a resounding success

With over 100 quizzers braving the summer weather to make their way to the annual Storage Management Charity Quiz night, its little surprise the evening has been described by company director, Max Grunblat as “…absolutely brilliant and a resounding success”.

At the time of going to press, all donations and the final figures hadn’t been collated but the expectation is for the event to have raised more money than ever before.

Click on the image to the right to see just a small selection of what went on during the evening and look out for another news release shortly when we have the final monetary figure.

Quiz night in support of our 2012 charity - Making Space
Download (JPG - 198kb )

We are delighted to be hosting our annual quiz on Tuesday 3rd July 2012 and in support of Making Space - our 2012 charity.

In previous years we have had fantastic support and with your help again we will raise even more money for what is a very worthy cause.

Billy Howard, Marketing Director of Making Space comments, "We would like to thank Max and his team for hosting the evening and whilst we are normally not too competitive….we do look forward to winning!"

The quiz format is informal, not too taxing and will be held at Grappenhall & District Ex-servicemen's League, Chester Road, Grappenhall, Warrington, WA4 2QG commencing at 7.30pm with a buffet being served half way through the evening.

The donation will be £10 per person and teams should be no more than 4 people per table. For more information on how to book your table please email Max or call 0845 108 2434.

We appreciate your time is precious and we sincerely hope you can support the event.. with your help anything is possible.

Easter Card 2012
Download (PDF - 386kb)

Wishing all our clients and suppliers a Happy Easter.

More than just a box

Teaming up with nationwide charity, Making Space was a natural step for Storage Management Company as they reviewed their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy early in 2012.

Selling many 1000’s of integrated archive boxes each year sparked an idea with Max Grunblat, Director of Storage Management Company, “We knew we wanted to redesign and improve our very popular storage archive box and with the help of our design agency, Baker Boothman Edy, approached Making Space with a unique concept.”

After a series of meetings, a design and charitable approach was agreed and the new, integrated Storage Management Company archive box was born. Storage Management Company has pledged a percentage of the selling price of each archive box sold in 2012 to Making Space.

Max proudly says, “Our aim is simply to raise as much money as possible for a very worthy cause. We are very proud to be partnering with Making Space”.

To purchase any number of boxes from 1 to 1,000 - click here and Max and his team will do the rest.

Taking security seriously

After another successful ISO 9001 audit in 2011, Storage Management have taken the strategic decision to embark upon one of the highest data security standards - ISO 27001. Striving for this quality mark is testament to Storage Management Company’s continued commitment to delivering the highest levels of client service and product support.

The entire process of accreditation will take Storage Management Company around 12 months, and will cover all areas of data storage and security including retrieval and business continuity and disaster recovery.

Max Grunblat, Director of Storage Management Company comments, “We see ISO 27001 as a natural progression to our existing quality standards. The comprehensive audit processes embedded within ISO 27001 will help us identity any specific areas for improvement and assist us to continue to work within recognised best practices and deliver the highest levels of client service.”

Max concludes, “My management team and I are very excited about the next 12 months and are under illusions as to the amount of work ahead of us in order to achieve our strategic objectives.”

ISO 9001 audit passed with `flying colours`

Storage Management Company are delighted to have received confirmation of yet another very successful ISO audit. Max Grunblat, Director comments, “Consistent improvements in all aspects of client service and records management is what we strived for in 2011 and we are delighted these have been recognised by ISOQAR. As a company we are always looking forward and have some exciting plans for 2012.”

Ms D Camotta, Lead ISOQAR Auditor goes onto say, “This was a very good audit in terms of compliance to the standard, staff as always were helpful and friendly. The system is very well established, with no non-conformances raised since its implementation. There is good evidence of management commitment, with good control of records and management of documentation.”

Christmas Card 2011
Download (PDF - 146kb)

Wishing all our clients and suppliers a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year