Time is money and the longer you take to retrieve confidential files, whether in physical or electronic format, from archived storage, the more it costs you and ultimately your client.

Robust off site procedures will enable you to cost-effectively retrieve key client information relating to audited accounts, tax submissions or company incorporations quickly and efficiently. Assisting you at all times to satisfy HMRC legislation to store files for at least six years.

For over fifteen years we have been discreetly supplying a confidential document and data storage solution to firms across England and Wales. We have a clear and unrivalled understanding of the compliancy and regulatory requirements of HMRC, the ICAEW and FSA, making us the obvious outsourced specialist solutions partner for your company.

Cost effective

All our professional clients enjoy the same high levels of service and support:

  • Secure FileCycle client portal access - managing, indexing and retrieval of documents
  • Full document scanning facilities
  • Key date reminder for end of life documents
  • Deep store facilities for long life storage management of tax and other critical documents
  • 24/7 data retrieval and delivery often in less than four hours
  • Confidential destruction

Fast and efficient retrieval

FileCycle - your secure web portal application will allow you to request files or documents back to your office from instant or deep store. Depending upon your location and the importance of the delivery, the file can often be back on your desk within 60 minutes.

Leaving storage management to us frees you to earn fees.

To discuss your company's requirements with a member of our team, telephone or email Storage Management Company