Document Recycling

“Working with professional service firms we instinctively understood how important it is to dispose of our working papers in a secure manner. We also liked the idea of doing our bit for the environment with 100% of the paper shredded by the SMC team being recycled.”

Mrs J Sherwin, Landscape Legal Marketing Limited

FREE recycling boxes

We all understand the importance of recycling and the positive impact it can have on our world. Here at Storage Management Company we are keen to help businesses achieve a ‘Greener’ status and to become more environmentally aware. With this in mind, we have created a new free recycling box, which will provide businesses with a hassle-free way to manage their recycling and confidential waste paper, in accordance with disposal guidelines under the Data Protection Act.

Our new free recycling boxes are now in stock and ready to be delivered (fully assembled, if requested) straight to your offices.

If you are keen to be recognised as a ‘Green’ organisation that takes its corporate responsibility seriously, then act now to join the increasing band of businesses who care about the environment and the safe and compliant destruction of their sensitive documents.

Great price

  • From only £3 per sack or 8p per kilogram

Great features

  • Large volume - 40kg capacity in each box (that's nearly 3 full boxes of A4 paper!)
  • Oversized aperture - designed to take A4 paper, document files and folders
  • Recyclable - 100% recyclable box made from sustainable materials

Great benefits

  • ISO27001 - total quality control from an accredited supplier
  • Data protection - confidential shredding conforms to data protection laws
  • Peace of mind - prevents identity theft, sabotage and data leaks

How it works

  • Removal - destruction sacks are sealed and secured before leaving your office
  • Extra boxes - supplied completely free of charge
  • Certification - secure destruction certificates produced after shredding

Don’t let your (or your clients’) data fall into the wrong hands. You don’t know where it may end up or more importantly, what use may be made of it. Securely shredding your waste paper means you help save the planet and you comply with data protection laws.

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