Design & Construction

Our experience tells us the 100% paperless office seems to be an unachievable objective - and no more so than for architects, builders and designers where paper is still the preferred medium. We understand the need for client files to be stored safely yet easily accessible for years after the final bill has been rendered.

We offer totally flexible storage solutions to accommodate standard and bespoke boxed documents, electronic media and transportation tubes varying from 1” to 24” diameter and up to 3 meters long.

Each item stored with us is catalogued, recorded and indexed on our internal systems which link seamlessly and securely to FileCycle - your secure web based client portal.


Depending upon the storage required, your media can be delivered to your desk often within 2 hours of the request being processed by our team.

  • Secure deep or instant store facilities
  • 24 hour retrieval and delivery for mission critical items
  • FileCycle - client web portal to track and request physical and digital items from storage
  • Confidential destruction at end of life

HMRC, PAYE, employee and all business-related documents may be stored in our instant access or deep store facilities, helping you to reduce overheads, save time and remain compliant at all times.

To discuss your company's specific requirements with a member of our team, telephone or email Storage Management Company